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When I was a child...


When I was a child..

When I was a child, I used to make the best mud cakes. They were round and baked under the sun. I'd line them up in a row as if they had some kind of magical power. Now I know they were my teachers.


Circles play a big part in my art. They make me feel whole and heal my eyes every time I look at one, especially in spiral form. Then add stars and sparkles and off to the Universe I go! 

The Circle is Sacred, and for me it represents the heart and that unbroken whole connection to life. It reminds me and reintroduces my consciousness again and again to the knowledge I am an eternal being- only changing form and ability from one life to another, or sacred place on the spiral plane of creation. 

So the Circle teaches me I am a sacred, magical spirit-warrior child, and I am allowed to be here in this time because I am here. And so are you and every other living precious being.

We were not supposed to pay rent on this planet. Mother Earth was a gift to be shared and experienced. 

Have you noticed Mother Earth is round?